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Cosmetic Bondings

Bonding involves the strategic placement of composite resin materials on the teeth.

Composites are the materials commonly used for restoring decayed teeth/ filling cavities, and making cosmetic improvements by essentially reshaping the teeth. Bonding can be used to mask stains and discoloration, close up minor gaps and imperfections, and can even be used to correct the appearance of slightly crooked teeth. It’s a fantastic and simple option for many patients who wish to improve the appearance of their healthy smile.

Bonding offers great results and is cost effective relative to more intensive procedures. A cosmetic bonding procedure can conveniently be completed in one visit, and is commonly performed in our office.

Bonding will cover any natural cosmetic flaws by first applying a thin coating on the front surface of the teeth to which the bonding material is applied. The bonding material is then sculpted, coloured and shaped appropriately to achieve the look and feel that the patient desires. The final step involves curing the material with a special light and then polishing the teeth to ensure a flawless, beautiful result.

Interested in correcting your smile with cosmetic bonding?

Our Scarborough dentist has performed many cosmetic bonding procedures on patients, transforming and restoring many unique smiles. Ask Dr. Omar today if cosmetic bonding is suitable for you. You deserve to feel confident in your smile!