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Intra Oral-Camera

Our team utilizes an intraoral camera in our efforts to educate, offer options and ensure that our patients are comfortable with any treatment selection.

This little camera is a pen-shaped and outputs video to a monitor directly beside your chair. Our intraoral camera helps our patients to understand what our team members are doing inside your mouth, and allows them to see exactly what we see. It’s pretty cool!

If we find an area of concern during your dental examination, our intra-oral camera enables us to include you in the process of determining the problem and selecting a solution. We can take a snap-shot and magnify the image, ensuring that we can visualize even the smallest of details that may have gone unnoticed by a basic visual inspection.

The intra-oral camera allows us to see and show you:

  • Cracked teeth (even small cracks)
  • Small cavities
  • Broken or damaged fillings
  • Plaque build up and stains (especially behind front teeth) And more

Our team members will explain exactly what you are looking at, the likely causes of a potential problem area, and more importantly; the solution and tips for prevention in order to avoid similar problems in the future.

We take pride in and value patient education. We strive to always keep our patients as informed as possible about their individual oral health situation and treatment options. We want out patients to be able to make informed decisions regarding their own oral health, and think it’s important that they have a comprehensive understanding of their unique situation.

Have more questions about our intraoral camera? Feel free to contact our Scarborough dental team today!