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White Fillings

In the past, metallic amalgam fillings were the only material strong enough to be used for restorations on chewing surfaces. Today, we’re lucky to have another option available to us.

Besides not being very aesthetically pleasing and not blending with the natural tooth’s appearance, metallic fillings had other drawbacks such as staining the tooth, leaking metals (in low levels) as well as increased tooth sensitivity.

Advancements in the restorative dental materials available (such as the Composite Resin discussed on the Cosmetic Bondings page) have made it possible for a white filling to be strong enough to fill cavities and even replace their old, unsightly metallic ancestors.

These excellent composite or white fillings are made of a durable material that actually bonds to the tooth for a tight seal. They are strong, stain-resistant, and colour-matched to the natural tooth; making them indistinguishable and much harder to detect. These white fillings also lack the sensitivity that is sometimes associated with amalgam or silver dental fillings. Many patients choose white fillings over amalgam fillings now and are much happier with the aesthetics they provide, and the safety and benefits of the composite material.

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There is no need to hide your smile. If your old silver fillings are holding you back from smiling with confidence, ask Dr. Omar if replacement with a new, tooth-coloured filling is right for you!