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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy works by saving a patient’s natural tooth.

Simply put, your tooth has three layers. Enamel is the hard outer shell, Dentin is the porous layer under the enamel and the core area we refer to as the Pulp. The Pulp is the nerve of your tooth where blood and nutrients keep the dentin and tooth healthy. Pulp that has been exposed or injured is vulnerable to infection and can result in pain, swelling, bone damage and even tooth loss.

In order to save a patient’s natural tooth and avoid the problems associated with damaged pulp, Root Canal Therapy is often the solution. A Root Canal allows us to save your tooth rather than using more costly procedures such as an implant or denture. The process involves creating an opening in the crown of your tooth in order to gain access to the canals. The pulp in the root canal is completely removed and the canal is cleaned out, shaped and smoothed. Any abscess (infection) is treated and removed and the canal is filled and sealed.

Without the pulp to provide nutrition to the tooth, it will be weaker than the surrounding teeth and most likely darken in colour. Fortunately, we can perform a whitening procedure in order to brighten up this tooth along with the rest of your smile.

The final step will involve creating a crown to be cemented on the treated tooth to protect the chewing surface and weakened sides. This crown will be able to withstand the natural biting forces and will blend seamlessly with the appearance of the rest of the patient’s teeth.