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Digital X-Rays

Behind your beautiful smile.

Digital X-ray technology provides a faster and safer way to closely examine your teeth. These X-rays speed treatment and provide a more accurate diagnosis of your teeth. The advancement of digital X-ray technology has meant many advantages over traditional X-rays.

Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays Include:

  • digital X-rays are much faster than traditional X-Rays
  • there is much less radiation than traditional X-Rays
  • the images can be enhanced for a more thorough diagnosis
  • images are stored digitally for easy retrieval and comparison

How does we take digital dental X-rays?

Digital dental X-Rays are faster and arguably more comfortable to take than traditional X-rays! We place a small sensor (in comparison to the bite piece used in traditional X-ray technology)in your mouth which is connected to a computer by a wire. An X-ray beam is then sent through your teeth and surrounding bone. The result records an image and sends it too a computer. The sensor can then be repositioned to capture other sections of your teeth

The images created by digital dental X-Rays appear on a computer monitor allowing us to immediately recognise if we captured the image we need or need to reposition for a different view. The images can be enlarged, enhanced and angled to offer us a better picture of your teeth and their supporting structures.

Ask Dr. Omar and our Scarborough dental team about digital dental X-rays during your next visit to our Scarborough dental office.